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To assist you with exports, business development and farming


 Volume exported for partners in 2021:

  15.5 FCL

 Turnover generated for partners in 2021:

 USD 370,431 

Our Services


Let me help you to get orders and grow your exports to Europe. We help existing exporters but also starters.

Business Development

Make use of my first hand experience and knowledge to build and grow your company smartly and strategically.



As a former scientist and a farmer myself, I know the struggles of farming or working with smallholders.

“My interest is to help companies that care about nature and their workers. Particular those that want to venture into organic, sustainable or social responsible market segments.”


My name is Hugo Lamers; active in food exports since 2015 and agriculture since birth...

I grew up on a farm in the Netherlands and since have worked in the agricultural sector as a development worker, researcher, international trade consultant, agent and since 2018 again as a farmer myself.

I am a trained development economist with trade experience in various fruits, grains and spices such as mango, ginger, jackfruit and millets. I still have a strong interest in the market for specialty crops and organic or biodiversity-friendly farm systems.  



Whether you’re curious about my services or you have specific questions, feel free to contact me.


 Total volume sold for partners since start:

  1.156 MT

 Total turnover generated for partners since start:

 € 2.336.631,-